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The most important question to ask before you do a research project is, "What are you going to do with the results?"

 - We spend a great deal time understanding the problem 
   that you are trying solve. 
 - Then we make sure that you are not hassled with details.
 - Finally, you will receive actionable and graph-driven 

Survey Research

Allegiance Research Group (ARG) has specialized in survey research for twenty years. This includes closed-ended research and open-ended research, and it includes a variety of methods such as mail and Internet or a mix. We have surveyed hundreds of thousands of people. Ask us about our specialized, orchestrated strategy to achieve up to 80% response rates!

Membership, Readership, and Compensation Surveys

ARG is well known for its surveys in small-booklet format on lightweight paper. These surveys can be as long as twelve pages and when put in a regular envelope along with a cover letter and return envelope, the mailing will still be under one ounce! We are also well known for our Internet surveys that can be sent by e-mails with a link, or can be put on your Web site. 

Our principals have advanced degrees in research and know how to design questions, run crosstabs with appropriate statistical tests, interpret the results, and write reports that are clearly understood and include charts and graphs. Our job is to make the survey process easy for you and while the survey is running you won't be hassled because we handle everything.

Some of our recent surveys include:

bulletAmerican Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute: Surveys of Compensation and Demographics
bulletAAOP: School Surveys and Focus Groups
bulletAssociation of Otolaryngology Administrators: Annual Salary and Benefits Surveys for 40 job titles
bulletInfusion Nurses Society: Member Segmentation Surveys
bulletInternational Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions: Internet Member Surveys
bulletRESNA: Annual Conference Evaluations and Reports

Cartoon Sequence Research™ (CSR)

Dale Paulson developed CSR that uses cartoons or pictographs to eliminate leading questions. The cartoon boards center on an activity such as purchasing a house, using a bank, selecting a cruise, or even choosing political themes. The respondent goes through the pictographs and starts expressing their feelings and opinions of that activity. The big advantage of this type of research is we discover things we didn't even know to ask.

The goal of this non-directional, open-ended research is to:

bulletUnderstand underlying motivations related to consumer or voter behavior
bulletUncover potential misunderstandings
bulletDiscover resonant statements

Dr. Paulson was invited to present a seminar on CSR at the 25th Annual Advertising and Consumer Psychology Conference in Houston, Texas in 2006. In 2008 his chapter entitled "Cartoon Sequence Research: Addressing the Mystery of Consumer Decision-Making and Rationale" was published in the book "Brick and Mortar Shopping in the 21st Century."

Some Testimonials

INS has been thoroughly satisfied with the work and results that you have been able to share with us and I look forward to the opportunity to continue that positive relationship in the years to come."

Membership Services Manager, Infusion Nurses Society

"We have done several projects with ARG and I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for your fine work. By using your picture-sequencing approach in a focus group setting, we were able to literally redesign our townhomes to hit our target market. We were pleasantly surprised by both the quality and quantity of information we received. You are truly able to get into the mind of the consumer. In the future we will not design homes for a specialized market without utilizing your innovative research."

Senior Vice President of Planning, The Writer Corporation

"I believe your technique represents a significant step forward. By combining the qualitative approach of picture-driven interviews with computer analysis, you have a means to better understand buyer motivation and yet have a basis to generalize to the larger population."

Manager, Citicorp Information Resources

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