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The following Fact Sheets were written to help our clients and others interested in research. They answer many questions you may have and are free for the asking. Simply call us at 703-772-5263 or send an e-mail and tell us which ones you would like. 


Fact Sheets Written by Allegiance Research Group

Free For The Asking

 1. Determining Confidence Level  from Sample Size Using Your Calculator

 2. Developing Effective Survey Questions

 3. Comparing In-Person, Phone and Mail Surveys

 4. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Focus Groups

 5. What to Consider When Writing an RFP

 6. Thirty Questions to Consider When Doing Strategic Planning

 7. The Pros and Cons of Surveys on the Web

 8. YTheyJoin™ - the member segmentation program based on needs

 9. Prioritizing Objectives of Board Members by Using Fixed-Sum Preference Scales

10. Developing an Index for Mass Media Exposure

11. Workplace Attitudes Test™ - screening the work-related attitudes of job candidates

12. Achieving High Response Rates With Mail Surveys

13. Creating Tag Lines For a Powerful Message

14. Cartoon Sequence Research™ - conduct research without asking leading questions

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