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Target Marketing for the
 Association World

 - This pie chart shows the nine
   types of members that our 
   research has identified.  

 - Every association has a 
   unique mix and this pie chart 
   shows the types that 
   dominate one organization. 

 - Each  member type has 
   unique needs.

 -When you meet their needs 
   you will build loyalty and 
   personalized relationships.

 -Target marketing becomes a 
   reality and there is no more 


"Remember, if you don't ask your members what they want, they may not stay!"

YTheyJoin was invented by Dr. Dale Paulson who has done extensive, original research in this field and found nine types of members based on their professional needs and motivations. This takes you beyond traditional demographics and enables you to do very efficient, effective, and creative segmentation and target marketing. (For detailed information on how this methodology was developed, read Dale Paulson's book, Allegiance: Fulfilling the Promise of One-to-One Marketing for Associations, available at Amazon.)

Give Me Some Examples of What I Can do With YTheyJoin

bulletId members who believe in your mission and will communicate with legislators (Altruistics)
bulletId members most likely to attend your conventions and meetings (Relevant Participants)
bulletId members most likely to buy your publications (Cognoscenti)
bulletId members most interested in serving on committees or the board (Shapers)
bulletId members most likely to buy affinity products such as insurance (CompShoppers)
bulletId members most interested in your certification programs (Boosters)
bulletId members most interested in writing articles or speaking (Cognoscenti)
bulletId members who are thinking of leaving the organization (Doubters, Non-Relevants)
bulletInstead of the same renewal letter to everyone, write different letters based on each member type
bulletDevelop a new tag line based on the member types that dominate. For example, an organization dominated by Shapers and Cognoscenti is very different than one dominated by Mailboxers and Altruistics.
bulletYou will look like a star when you provide this info to your boss or the board! Boards especially like to see the pie chart for their organization and it opens their eyes and minds. 

How Does it Work?

YTheyJoin starts with a one-page form that goes to all members. It gives them 100 points to spend on your programs and services, then we summarize the most important information into a 3-digit code, and the association enters the codes into its member data base. Now you know what each member wants. It is very easy from start to finish.

YTheyJoin uncovers member needs and motivations. Unlike data mining that is very costly, slow, and based on past behavior, YTheyJoin is quick and is based on current and future behavior. Unlike member surveys that go to a small, random sample of members and are anonymous, YTheyJoin goes to all members and it records their answers. It may be the only time that you ask all your members about their needs, and they appreciate it!

How do I Learn More About This Product? 


Read the book, Allegiance, by Dale Paulson available at Amazon


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bulletPlease note that YTheyJoin and the nine member types are trademarks of Dale Paulson and Allegiance Research Group.



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