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Our research shows that about one out of twenty people is disruptive in the workplace:

 - You can spend a lot of time and effort meeting the 
   needs of these people and additional  time and money 
   trying to solve the problems that they cause . . .

 - or, you cannot hire them in the first place. We call these 
   problem employees, turkeys.

Workplace Attitudes Test™

"Just because Ben Franklin wanted to make the turkey our national bird doesn't mean that you have to hire one!"


You are about to enter a new era of employee selection. This is truly a breakthrough and turns pre-employment tests upside down. Now for the first time you can understand the values that motivate potential employees. When selecting new hires you can avoid the landmines while you pick the cherries. Simply stated, this test looks for bad attitudes rather than good.

Without getting too complicated, the Workplace Attitudes Test (WAT) analyzes attitudes that predict likely behavior in the workplace.

bulletWouldn't you like to avoid potential employees who may sue you or your company?
bulletHow about identifying gadflies who would rather socialize than work?
bulletMaybe you would like to know about people who are likely to be hostile to your customers or clients?
bulletConversely, how would you like to find people who are grateful to have a job, who are willing to put in extra effort, and who are team players?

What Workplace Attitudes Does it Measure?

bulletJudgmental versus accepting
bulletVindictive versus forgiving
bulletAdversarial versus accommodating
bulletEgocentric versus people oriented
bulletEntitled versus unassuming
bulletUndisciplined versus self-disciplined
bulletInsubordinate versus respectful
bulletRisk-inclined versus cautious
bulletNon-traditional versus traditional

How Does it Work?

Job candidates can take the Workplace Attitudes Test online. It consists of forty-five questions and usually takes about fifteen minutes. The results come to us and we evaluate it, then send a summary to the job interviewer. The interviewer receives a bar chart that measures each of the attitudes listed above, and an overall score that indicates how likely they are to be disruptive in the workplace. The interviewer also receives background info that helps interpret the chart.

Remember, everyone is on their best behavior during the job interview. With the WAT you are in a position to hire good employees by avoiding bad ones. It makes you a better interviewer and applies to a variety of environments. It has been used by businesses, health systems, non-profits, and the public sector including police.

How do I Learn More About This Product?

bulletRead the new book by Dr. Dale Paulson and available at Amazon. The title is Workplace Jerks! Will This Person be a Speed Bump, a Pothole or a Landmine?
bulletVisit the dedicated web site at
bulletCall or e-mail any time. We are located in the United States near Washington, D.C.

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